Tournament Rules

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  1. TEES - All golf participants in each age division and gender will play the same tees. See more information on course yardages at Yardage .


    • Practice rounds are allowed one week prior based on availability but not day of tournament. Schedule & Pairings

    • A golf participant may not practice on the competition course between rounds. Penalty for first breach: General Penalty. Penalty for second breach: Disqualification.

  3. COURSE SETUP - In general courses will be setup as follows for all participants:

    • Par 72 and Yardage as follows: ~ 6,700 (Boys 15 - 18) , ~5,800 (Girls 15 - 18), ~5,800 (Boys 12 - 14), and 5,100 Girls (11 - 14)

    • Tournament setup may change if necessary (including yardages) to offset unforeseen conditions such as inclement weather, very wet ground conditions, and other conditions / guidelines as required by the golf venue.

  4. WEATHER and OFFICIAL ROUND - UGE will make every effort to complete 18 holes each day. However, UGE has the right to end tournament play each day before completing full 18 holes if the venue deems the course unplayable or unsafe, inclement weather puts the players, spectators, volunteers, etc. at risk. Play suspension will be at the host venue's sole discretion.

    • A minimum of 4 holes must be played for a 9-hole match to be official. If the match duration is shortened due to the potential conditions discussed above, the golf participant that is leading (in holes won, i.e. 1 up, 2 up) will be deemed the winner of the match. Participants will NOT receive a refund nor credit for a weather shortened event.


    • Day 1, Front 9 (Blue): 2-player (Team) Best Ball Match Play. Best ball (also known as fourball in the Ryder Cup) involves 2-person teams where each player on the team plays his or her own golf ball throughout the round. After each hole the player with the lowest score on the hole (or “best ball”) out of the 2-person team serves as the team's score. The team with the lowest score on each hole wins (i.e. 1UP, 2UP, All Square). Match points are awarded per team as 1 pt for win, 1/2 pt for tie, 0 for loss.

    • Day 1, Back 9 (Blue): 2-player (Team) Modified Alternate Shot (aka Greensomes). Modified Alt. shots consists of both players hitting their tee shots, selecting the best tee shot (i.e. Player A), and the alternating shots in from there where the player whose drive wasn't selected will play the 2nd shot (Player B). Player A would then hit the 3rd shot. This process is repeated on the next hole (i.e. both players will hit tee shots). The team with the lowest score on each hole wins (i.e. 1UP, 2UP, All Square). Match points are awarded per team as 1 pt for win, 1/2 pt for tie, 0 for loss.

    • Day 2, 18 Holes (Red): Singles match play.

    • 1 Point awarded for a team or single player winning a match, 1/2 to each team or player for halving a match, and 0 pts for match lost. 32 points possible. The first team to 16.5 points is deemed the Jr Challenge Cup Champion.

  6. GOLF RULES - USGA will govern all play except as where modified by local rule. A local rule sheet will be provided and it is the golf participant's responsibility to pick up a rules sheet at check-in or at 1st tee. Disregard Local Rules printed on golf course scorecards or posted at the golf course unless otherwise directed. The tournament committee's decision will be final in matters concerning Rules of Golf and Local Rules interpretation and enforcement. Golf participants are encouraged to play a second ball, per USGA rules, should the group not reach an agreement on a rule while on the course.


    • Spectator carts will be based on availability. Check in with Proshop.

    • Parents, family members, and spectators are NOT allowed in the scoring area.

    • Except for the Co-ed 12 to 14 age div., parents, family members, and spectators may NOT provide any golf advice, coaching, or rules interpretations to the golfing participants. Spectators who must talk to a golfing participant such as due to health situation, provide beverage / food, provide medicine must do so in open area.

    • Proper dress attire must be worn on the golf course at all times. The golf venue and/or UGE has the right to ask a spectator to leave premise if they do not address an improper dress attire issue.


    • Weather and course conditions permitting, if there is a team tie at 16 to 16 at the conclusion of Sunday's final round, then there will be a sudden death playoff with 1 designated player from each team from each division starting at hole #1 or another method to be determined by the venue if teeing off hole #1 is not possible. The sudden death playoff will be used if course has availability and adequate daylight / weather permits, otherwise then the tie will be broken on the putting green. Each team will select one player for the putt-off. There will be a coin flip to determine which team will putt first (The player not putting will have their back turned to the hole while other player is putting). The putt will be approximately 30 to 40 feet in length. Each player will have two putts. (2 putts per player, higher seeded player has the 1st and 3rd putts) The participant that has the closest putt to the hole wins the playoff. Should both players make 1 putt then the participant with the closest 2nd ball to the hole wins.

  9. PACE of PLAY - Golf participants should play at a prompt pace throughout the round. Players are both allowed and encouraged to play “ready golf” in a safe and responsible way (Rule 6.4b) and should make a stroke in no more than 40 seconds (Rule 5.6b). Groups must stay within 15 minutes of the group in front of them. In order to stay within 15 minutes of the group ahead, the group should never have an open hole and they should be in the fairway on par 4’s and 5’s when the group immediately ahead of them leaves the green. If a golf participant is being timed by an official or UGE staff member and takes more than 90 seconds to play a stroke, the player may receive a warning for unreasonable delay. Each group is responsible for monitoring their own pace. A golf participant concerned about slow golf participants (golfers) in his or her group should first remind that golfer of the pace of play policy and encourage them to play more efficiently. The concerned golfer may, before or after penalties are assessed, request a Tournament Official to monitor the group. All golf participants in a group in breach of the pace of play policy are subject to penalty.


  • LOCAL RULES will be provided to each player on 1st tee for Day 1 and Day 2.

  • Embedded Ball Rule is in effect through the green.

  • Live scoring / leaderboard will be used, and golf participants are expected to keep score with their electronic device.

  • GPS/Laser Devices: A player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distances only. However, if, during a stipulated round a player uses a distance-measuring device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his/her play (e.g., gradient, wind speed, etc.) the player is in breach of Rule 4.3.


    • All golf participants will walk the course and carry their own bags. Alternatively, push carts are allowable.

    • Golf participants are able to use mobile phones for scoring and emergencies. Mobile phones are not allowed to be used for obtaining advice and coaching.

    • Live scoring / leaderboard will be used and golf participants are expected to keep score with both electronic device.

    • Golf participants, parents, spectators, etc. are guests of the host golf club and must follow their rules. UGE and the host golf club has the right to ask a golf participant, parent, spectator, or others should conduct be unbecoming of UGE and the golf course.

    • Caddies are not allowed except for Co-ed 12 - 14 Age Div.

    • Cart traffic is prohibited from entering or driving through waste areas and or dunes.

    • Golf carts are to remain on cart paths around all tees and greens.

    • Streamsong Resort DOES provide a severe weather warning system. All participants must abide by the warning system and seek shelter ASAP. Play must be stopped immediately. Player's ball is to be marked with three tees.

    • All players, parents, and spectators must follow COVID-19 SAFETY RULES